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"Today I am at Deep River Park. I'm on the trails sitting at this mossy bench enjoying the peace and quiet. Enjoying the birds chirp and sing their songs. It's good to be away from everyone and everything for a little while. There is a beautiful swamp across from me, there is a field next to me. I can hear a little boy exclaiming "I got it daddy! I got it!". He is so excited that he caught the ball that his father projected into the still-moving air. Everything is green and alive around me. There's no wind blowing. Everything is still. One thing I have learned about being a photographer is, you have to be still. You have to be still, silent, and vulnerable to capture what you see. You have to open yourself up to the world to recognize that life is so beautiful. It's vast and fleeting. It moves ever so quickly. Things go by so fast that at times you think it is impossible to be still…but it's not. Take time. Take YOUR time to breathe, reflect, think, feel, smell and taste. Enjoy your life while it lasts. Enjoy the birds, the smell of the air, enjoy the trees, enjoy the grass…and above all else. Enjoy YOU. You're here. You're breathing. You're living. It's a wonderful life my friend."